Trend Following


JKG seeks to consistently produce Alpha—superior risk-adjusted returns. Its strategy is Trend Following in nature and consists of three essential components as follows.

  • Fundamental Analysis: JKG applies macroeconomics and financial analysis to select a diverse group (Universe) of leading, liquid markets. This Universe provides attractive trading opportunities throughout both rising and declining market environments.
  • Technical Analysis: With the use of its proprietary system, JKG analyzes the price trends of the markets in its Universe in order to identify their most promising trading opportunities.
  • Risk Management: Once identified, positions are entered with an emphasis on risk management.

This is JKG’s approach to trading—to focus on a diverse group of leading markets, align with the trends of those markets, and to manage the risk.

The following research paper provides insight into the out-performance of Trend Following as an investment strategy:

A Century of Trend Following Investing

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