Advisory Solutions

We offer custom advisory solutions provided by an expert team. Our services leverage state-of-the-art technology and include the following:

Investment Advisory

  • Client Financial Website: Clients receive a website that organizes their finances and investments. These brief videos describe the service:
  • Financial Planning: We provide customized financial plans prepared and managed by a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). This is a holistic process taking into account the Client’s financial profile, goals, and values. Clients can log in to their Personal Financial Website to view their plan and finances in real time. In addition, we may coordinate with third parties such as attorneys, accountants and real estate professionals to meet specific Client needs.
  • Portfolio Management: Once an investment strategy is in place, JKG sets up required accounts, makes investment allocations, and otherwise implements the client’s strategy on an ongoing basis. This includes evaluation of investments, manager vetting, trading, and adjustments in response to new information.
  • Analysis: We provide market and investment analysis services on an as needed basis. Our approach considers macroeconomics, fundamental analysis, and proprietary technical analysis performed by a Chartered Market Technician (CMT®). In addition, we have expertise in analyzing real estate investments.
  • Strategy Development: In addition to its existing capital strategies, JKG is able to create custom strategies to meet client objectives. We work closely with clients to clarify specific goals. Strategies can then be designed and implemented for the client.

Capital Management

Our proprietary strategies are designed to meet today’s investment challenges. We offer a Diversified Model Portfolio to achieve long-term investment objectives; it is a diversified, all-weather investment approach designed to perform well during varying market environments. In addition to our Model, we offer individual programs that provide portfolio diversification while focusing on objectives such as income or growth.

Further, we are able to create custom programs tailored to specific client objectives. Where appropriate, these strategies may be part of a client’s portfolio allocation or may be offered on a stand-alone basis. JKG offers its investment strategies as separately managed account programs.

Details on JKG’s capital strategies are available HERE.